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Big Dick Whittington &
His Pussy - Reviews

25-28th January 2024
The Exchange 1856

"The panto was coarse, it was chaotic, it was camp and yes, it was crude. But you know what? When January's been as long and as dreary as this one - it could be just what the doctor ordered!" - Simon Duke, The Chronicle.

"Dick Whittington (my actually namesake) had a title made for adult panto and with a few corrections easily becomes full of innuendo. Expect Dildos, Condoms, Sexually charged Innuendo and utter filth as Big Dick Whittington journeys from London to find his fortune with his glamorous pussy!" - Aaron Whittington,

"We absolutely love Big Dick and His Pussy, it’s camp, light-hearted, r-rated silliness at its best and well worth seeing to fend off the last of the January blues." - Daddies In The North East

"Hilariously filthy, where boundaries are certainly crossed and naughtiness prevails." - North East Kids



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