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Mirror, mirror, grand and tall, which adult panto tops them all?


It’s Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens at The Exchange 1856 in North Shields of course!


Already 2025’s hottest ticket, the North East’s Adult Pantomime Company is back with a bang .. and this time it’s juicier than ever.  


When the evil Queen consults her Mucky Mirror, she is told Snow White has become the 'fittest' of them all. She hits the wine, and uses her womanly ways to convince her hen-pecked henchman to do just “one thing right” - get rid of her step daughter once and for all.  Snow White escapes and is taken in by Seven Drag Queens - Itchy, Bitchy, Tipsy, Tiny, Horny, Windy and Pot.  Desperate to keep her safe, they give her a drag-tastic make-over that defies recognition! Not fooled, the Evil Queen is hot on their high-heels and tracks Snow White down. If she can convince Snow White to neck an apple-sour shot, she will fall into an endless sleep which can only be broken by true loves kiss.  


With fabulous costumes and a camptastic party popping soundtrack, this fun packed filthy night out is guaranteed to leave you begging for more! So don't be bashful, book your seats today.

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